UC Davis Health installs free sunscreen stations to provide skin protection for young and old

August 20, 2021 0 Comments

As we spend more time outdoors this summer, UC Davis Health is providing a free service to the community by installing 14 sunscreen stations at parks, pools and other locations in the Davis and Roseville areas.

Free sunscreen stations like this one at Manor Pool in Davis are provided by UC Davis Health.

The colorful kiosks dispense SPF 30 sunscreen to the public at no charge. The goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, especially during the pandemic, that includes spending time outdoors while practicing skin safety. The complimentary sunscreen stations are easy to spot and easy to use, providing skin protection for young and old.

One out of every five Americans will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. Invasive melanoma accounts for about 1% of all skin cancer cases, but the vast majority of skin cancer deaths.

It is especially important to protect children from the harmful effects of the sun because sunburns during childhood increase the risk of getting skin cancer later in life.”

Richard Bold, Physician-in-Chief, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Skin cancer is highly preventable. Over 90% of all skin cancer is caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation and sunscreen is the best defense when it comes to protecting against harmful effects of the sun.

The UC Davis Health sunscreen stations can be found at the following locations:

Davis Roseville
• Manor Pool • Roseville Aquatics Complex
• Arroyo Pool • Mike Shellito Indoor Pool
• Civic Pool • Mahany Park
• Community Pool • Maidu Park
• Playfields Park Soccer Field • Harry Crabb Park
• Playfields Park Batting Cages • Woodcreek Oaks Golf Course
• City of Davis City Hall • Diamond Oaks Golf Course

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