Skincare School: Getting your Skincare Selection routine right

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

Having extra time to play with our skincare routine – coupled with a serious lack of face-to-face interaction – has meant more margin for trial and error. However, now we’re making our way back to a new kind of normality, we think it’s about time we helped you out with a handy how-to guide for when you’re reaching for the beauty bottles each morning and night. 

When we’re faced with a host of products it can be confusing to know how often to use them, or how much of each one will make for the most miraculous combination. Your Skincare Selection takes things back to basics, while giving your skin innovative ingredients to help it gleam, and providing you with the necessary tools for addressing and adapting your routine to meet all of your simple skincare desires. 

Tropic’s Skincare Selection allows you to choose one of three carefully curated collections that fits your requirements, or create your own entirely customised routine. With our bestselling ABC staples included, alongside your choice of two skin treatments and a freshly made mask, you can take home a collection that’s as unique as your skin is.

Applying elements of your Skincare Selection in the right order means that you’ll not only have a more enjoyable experience, but you’ll get the best results from your products. This guide is an all-encompassing tool, so don’t worry if you don’t use every product mentioned – we’ve provided an explanation for the chronology of each and every mask, serum, toner or cleanser in order to cover all epidermal bases. However you wish to adapt the selection for your skin type, we’ve got you covered.


Cleansing is always the first step to achieving brighter, smoother and healthier-looking skin. A twice-daily cleanse is truly the foundation to a strong and structurally sound routine – the building blocks of meticulous toning and regular moisturising will crumble without the sturdy base of a good cleanse.

Our luxurious cream cleanser effortlessly melts away makeup. This cleanser is our number one best-selling product – many of you agree that it effectively removes makeup, pollution and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural goodness. Its pH-balanced formula makes it a great solution for washing sensitive skin. The optional Bamboo Face Cloth is also great for daily, gentle exfoliation to wash off your cleanser with warm water.



Use your desired choice of face mask twice a week, in between cleansing and toning. This choice of three masks ensures that there’s a pampering product for every skin type. If you opt for the Deep Hydration Mask, feel free to make use of its healthy hydrating properties more than twice a week should you want to!  


Use our Vitamin Toner pore-refining mist for an instant skin refresher in your daily routine, to tone and cool skin on the go. It’s packed full of innovative micro-dispersed oil and water particles to make it even more hydrating, as oil acts as a vehicle for the water to travel deeper into the skin’s epidermis. It serves as a barrier for pores, preventing them from being clogged with dirt and bacteria and giving them a more refined appearance. 



These serums are all uniquely designed to combat the myriad features of certain skin types. Whereas a moisturiser is used to plump the appearance of skin on the surface using larger molecules, the smaller, water-based formulations in these serums will allow a deeper penetration into the skin’s layers. This allows the serum to act from within, and makes this step a vital one to remember for anyone interested in the effects of anti-ageing – serums are the ultimate long-term skincare saviour!

Rainforest Dew is suitable for all skin types and a great product for everyone to have in their routine, but the other serums you use will determine when you use it in your regime. 

Pure Lagoon (oily/blemish prone) – apply before Rainforest Dew 

Glow Berry (dull/uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation) – apply before Rainforest Dew

Fruit Peel (rough/textured/clogged pores) – apply after Rainforest Dew 

If you use more than one of these serums in your weekly skincare schedule, you need to leave some time between them so the ingredients don’t counteract each other. 

Glow Berry + Fruit Peel – use Glow Berry in the morning and Fruit Peel in the evening.

Pure Lagoon + Fruit Peel – use Pure Lagoon in the morning and Fruit Peel in the evening.

Glow Berry + Pure Lagoon – use each serum on alternating mornings.


Apply 1-3 pumps of your desired moisturiser onto your freshly cleansed and toned skin, concentrating on the face and neck. For best results, massage into skin in upward, circular motions.  


The best way to treat dry skin – which can often become damaged during the change of seasons – is to use a combined approach with moisturiser and oil, addressing flakey patches in a thorough and scrupulous culmination of these two vital skin care steps. Use 3-6 drops of Super Greens am and pm for best results. 



Your Vitamin Toner is available in an unscented version, without fragrance from the rose flower extract, for those with very sensitive skin. 

For advice on which Skincare Selection is right for you, please find our skincare routine finder here, or speak to your local ambassador.  


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