December 23, 2020 0 Comments

The festive season is often a time for overconsumption and excess. Gifts are wrapped in copious amounts of wrapping paper, fancy ribbons tied in neat bows around packages, and this is often all parcelled up in a plastic and paper gift bag. 

As many times as we remind friends and family that we’d be happy with some brown paper or an old newspaper, gift givers just can’t seem to get enough of O.T.T. wrapping and glitter galore. Well, thankfully some gift wraps are well within our control to recycle, upcycle and simply make the most of this season – empty Tropic packaging.

We’ve thrown together a few ideas that the HQ team have tried at home to give you a little inspiration for using your empties in 2021.

Empty serum bottles

Use these as mini vases for all of your house plant offcuts or to create a colourful little plant propagation station!

Empty Joy Drums

Paint these (to match your room) and store your kitchen or bathroom utensils in them!

Empty Butterbalm pots

Use as tealight candle holders to light up your room!

Empty Body Smooth

Jars – turn these into plant pots and plant your favourite creeper or succulent inside.

Don’t forget to share your snaps with us using #LOVETROPIC if you give these upcycling tips a try!

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