October 21, 2020


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Soft brown tones, golden skin and a statement bold lip? All you need now is a red carpet.


We worked with makeup artist, Antonia Wood, to bring you this high-impact, high-glamour makeup tutorial. Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this look, demonstrated by Remi, with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette



1. Use the PURE PRECISION beauty sponge to gently blend BEAUTY BOOSTER Soft Honey all over the face.

2. To brighten up the eyes, apply ILLUMA in brûlée on the eyelids and under the eyes using the FLAT DETAILING BRUSH. The size of this brush makes it the perfect tool for working around that eye area.

3. Set the base and remove excess shine with the SOFT FOCUS light, using the  POWDER BRUSH  to gently create a smoother, semi-matte coverage.

4. Use the EYE SHADOW brush lightly to apply  JET SET in havana heat bronzer all over the eyelid, drawing attention to the eye area.

5. Use the EYE SHADOW brush to smudge meteor eyeshadow under the lash line to open and shape your eyes

7. Use the EYE SHADOW brush and cedar BROW BOSS powder to create a smudged eyeliner and define the eyes.

8. Blend EYES ON YOU meteor eyeshadow into the crease and the outer corners of the eye to add a soft smokey effect to the look.

9. Apply more EYES ON YOU meteor eyeshadow under the eyes to create a smokey effect and create more of a sultry eyeshadow look.

10. Add SILK GEL LINER in black to define the eyes and make them pop, to add extra glamour!

11. Use the 3in1 EYE BRUSH to neaten the brows and get them ready for product, providing a little volume to the hair with your strokes if desired.

12. Use the 3in1 EYE BRUSH to fill in the brows with BROW BOSS powder, then brush the product through the brows for a natural look.

13. Use the KABUKI BRUSH to bronze the face with JET SET havana heat bronzer to treat your face to that post-holiday glow.

14. Use the POWDER BRUSH to add a flush of colour to the cheeks and accentuate those cheek bones with BLUSH CRUSH cheeky peach blusher.

15. Using the PRECISION FACE brush, softly highlight the skin with WAY TO GLOW golden hour highlighter to add instant luminosity to any dull day.

16. Add a pop of WAY TO GLOW golden hour highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes using the EYE SHADOW brush to brighten the look and make the eyes look bigger.

17. Use LINE UP bold to line the lips and follow by smoothing the pencil all over the lips as a base for the lipstick. 

18. Blend the lip pencil with the LIP BRUSH to create a smooth, even base for the lipstick.

19. Apply KISS ME QUICK hot poppy  lipstick all over the lips to draw attention to any smile.






I always like to make sure lips are exfoliated and hydrated before applying colour. A lashing of Lip Fudge every night before bed can keep your lips in great condition to add the perfect plumpness to whatever look you create!


Connect with a local Tropic Ambassador for advice on finding your perfect shades and to order your new makeup faves today!  

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