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Winning workout moves to leave your face feeling ace. 

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi, HIIT enthusiast or nothing gets you more excited than the prospect of a ten mile run (or you’re the elite among us who loves all three), you might find there’s one very important part of your body that you’ve been neglecting in your weekly workout regime – your face! 

With over forty muscles – a hefty number when you consider there are approximately 650 muscles in our bodies overall – our faces can greatly benefit from exercise and training, especially when a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used in everyday life.  

The concept of facial workouts isn’t a new one, with dermatologists and facialists alike factoring them into their treatments for decades, but the at-home facial workout started to take the beauty mainstream by storm last year. With different workout moves to tone, reduce fine lines, increase blood circulation, release muscle tension and more, there’s a whole menu to choose from when it comes to putting our faces through their paces. But how do we know if we’re doing them right, and – more importantly – do they actually work? 

Well, as with all workouts, if you want results the trick is consistency. Just like doing one run won’t make you the next Dina Asher-Smith (although realistically no amount of running is going to do that, but a girl can dream) one facial workout isn’t going to give you your perfect visage. Seeing as we all know that workouts are easier to stick to when they’re efficient, quick and workable around our busy schedules, the same should go for keeping your face fit, right? 

That’s why we asked aesthetics doctor, Dr Amel Ibrahim, for her top facial exercises that can be repeated with ease on a weekly basis, wherever you are. Remember, just as you would in the gym, be sure to count those reps! 

Step 1: Neck in Check 

To reduce any puffiness in the neck area and make your neck appear more refined, Dr Ibrahim has two workout moves to try. 

  • Start by tilting your head up to raise your chin, then push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. 

  • Hold your tongue there for two or three seconds, then relax.

  • Repeat this ten times.

Repeating this action works to tighten the muscles under your jaw, helping to reduce the appearance of a double chin and make the neck look more taught over time. 

Once you’ve done your ten repetitions, you can move onto the massage. You can use your hands or a Gua Sha tool for this bit, but you’ll need a facial oil or a moisturiser – we recommend our Super Greens or Elixir

  • Once again, flex your neck by raising your chin. 

  • Apply a few drops of oil or moisturiser to the neck area.

  • Starting from the edge of your jawline with your fingertips or Gua Sha, move in firm strokes down towards your chest on either side of your neck. 

  • Repeat this ten times.

This action helps with lymphatic drainage, dislodges any excess fluid and also stimulates blood circulation to the skin. 

Step 2: Eyes on the Prize 

When it comes to the eye area, Dr Ibrahim cautions that the skin here is incredibly delicate, so be careful not to tug excessively during this workout, which is designed to help reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes. The only kit you’ll need is your fingertips and an eye cream or serum. 

  • Use your index or ring finger (whichever is more comfortable) on both sides and you’re essentially going to make a ‘u’ shape underneath each eye. 

  • Start where your brow bone begins, then gently move downwards until you reach the cheeks and then curve upwards to your outer eye and brow bone. 

  • Repeat this movement ten times per eye.

Top Tip: If you have a Tropic Eye Work, you could also use its cooling tip to perform this workout too. 

Step 3: Power Pout

More defined and volumised lips? Yes please. Dr Ibrahim showed us an equipment-free workout to work the orbicularis oris muscle, which is the one that forms the bulk of the lips. 

  • Start with a smile.

  • As you smile, purse your lips together. 

  • Then blow out some air through your lips.

  • Repeat ten times.

With this move, always smile first. This stops you from pushing your lips forward – in a similar motion to drinking from a bottle – and avoids forming any vertical lines. 

Step 4: Cheek Cardio

When it comes to achieving a fuller, more youthful-looking face, Dr Ibrahim advises that the cheeks are where it’s at. Working your cheek muscles regularly increases them in size to lift the middle and lower face. Once again you’ll need a moisturiser or facial oil for this one. 

  • Apply your moisturiser or facial oil. 

  • Take your ring and middle finger on each hand, and use them to move along your cheekbones on both sides of the face. 

  • Start at the tip of your ear lobe and then use repeated gentle, upwards flicking motions as you move inwards to the nose.

  • Repeat this ten times on each side. 

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