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In homage to Global Handwashing Day we wanted to let you in on a few handt secrets – tips that the dry-skinned among us have become increasingly savvy to in recent months. 

Persisting with the ‘sing Happy Birthday twice’ dedication to handwashing definitely loses its charm when our skin starts to suffer the consequences of repeated irritation, and our once strict handwashing regime tends to find itself in hot water.

So, if you’re worried about moisturising those mitts while keeping them clean, or if the winter weather plays havoc with your skin, we’ve got five ideas for you to soothe and restore those hard-working hands and prime them for their frequent freshen up. 

Turn down the temp

It’s no secret that having scorching hot showers can cause damage to both our skin and the planet, but the same premise should stand for how we think about the sink. 

Higher temperatures make it easier for the skin to dry out and can amplify the effects of conditions like eczema. Turning down the heat when you wash your hands will prevent damage to the epidermis and allow for more moisture to be locked into the skin in the process. 

Pat those paws 

Hand dryers may seem handy when you’re on the go, but the hot air often goes too far when it comes to drying out post-wash – it often depletes hydration levels and can cause lasting damage to already thirsty skin.

The same goes for rubbing your hands (or body) on a towel. This is something many of us are accustomed to, as it feels like the most efficient way to dry off after a soak, but the rubbing action can cause friction and irritate the skin. Try patting your hands dry on a towel (or paper towel in a public restroom) to keep more moisture locked in.

Avoid harsh soaps 

Some chemicals used in hand soaps can cause skin damage upon repeated use, while on their mission to kill as much bacteria as possible. 

Try something softer on skin, which marries thorough cleansing with hydrating and soothing. Our antibacterial Signature Hand Wash uses coconut cleansers and antibacterial eucalyptus essential oils to wash away germs without sacrificing smooth and healthy hands.

If the glove fits 

Get those gloves on when washing up or working with water for long periods of time. Protecting your hands from prolonged exposure to water can help to maintain the natural oils that regulate the skin’s moisture levels.  

Cradle your creams 

Moisturisers should be used on dry hands after every wash. Look out for ingredients like shea butter, olive squalene and oat extracts for the most efficacious, skin-sensitive results. 

Know someone who suffers with dry hands and want to give the gift of soothed and nourished skin this festive season? Or keen to restore you hand health for yourself? Take a look at our Berry Smooth Hand Collection here.

One more thing… Keep an eye out for out Helping Hands Collection, originally formulated to protect and soothe the tired hands of key workers during the pandemic, this selection of soothing treats will be ready to work its magic on our customers in time for the harsh winter weather. 

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