Earth Day: A Yon-Ka Paris Tradition Of Giving Back

April 6, 2021 0 Comments

To celebrate upcoming earth day, Catherine and Francoise Mühlethaler, owners of renowned skincare brand, Yon-Ka Paris remind the beauty industry of the importance of natural skincare. Since 1954 Yon-Ka Paris has boasted formulas with eco-friendly ingredients derived from plants that offer customers a luxurious skincare experience that is non-toxic and gentle on all skin types. The brand practices rigorous sourcing techniques to ensure all ingredients are free of synthetics and GMOs when put through the extraction process. The French skincare company also formulates and manufactures all product collections in specialized facilities to ensure a clean, pure and quality product.

A Tradition Of Giving Back To The Environment

Each year, Yon-Ka Paris releases a limited edition bottle of LOTION YON-KA accompanied with a collections box with unwavering gratitude to the earth. With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Birds and Bees Farm in New Jersey and “A Roof for Our Bees” Association. Since launching the effort in 2014, the skincare brand has helped establish beehives that have provided homes to over 750,000 bees worldwide. Apart from this initiative, Yon-Ka Paris also strives to use recyclable glass bottles, post-consumer recycled papers, and earth friendly inks to promote environmentally-conscious practices

A Note From The Owners

When asked what they wished people understood about natural beauty products, sisters and co-owners of Yon-Ka Paris vocalized that “people often question whether naturals are as effective as synthetics. In reality, the most commonly used synthetic ingredients were created as cheaper and more predictable versions of natural ingredients, which are much more expensive and delicate to work with. Transitioning to a natural beauty regimen does not mean a loss of luxe creams and serums as today’s natural lines are debunking the harsh chemicals needed for products to be pretty and potent.”

Think Beyond Planting A Tree

The owners stress the importance of having other skincare companies adapt their initiatives to be more eco-friendly in their production and formula methods by doing their part to save the planet that transcends planting trees. While the brand operates internationally, the owners recognize the need for more stringent ingredient regulations within the United States as there may be health risks. However, to ensure the utmost health and safety for all customers, Yon-Ka Paris stands by the EU certification and beyond – a strict No-to-list to limited “harmful ingredients”(questionable chemicals products not used to produce its formulas).

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