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AdventHealth and biotechnology company Berg are creating a biobank of demographic and clinical data from COVID-19 cases, which they'll use to study what interventions were linked with better patient outcomes. Source link … Read the rest

Officials aim to close a loophole that inflated healthcare costs by billions of dollars a year and led to drug shortages. Source link … Read the rest

CMS finalized a rule that revamps quality reporting measures with the goal of boosting transparency in the organ procurement and transplantation process, according to the agency. Source link … Read the rest

The move diversifies the Northfield company’s PPE supply chain, lessening its reliance on Chinese producers. Source link … Read the rest

As more than 97,000 of the nation’s long-term care residents have died in a pandemic that has pushed staffers to the limit, advocates for the elderly say a tandem wave of death separate from the virus has quietly claimed tens…

According to a recent survey from the National Nurses United, more than 70% of hospital nurses said they were afraid of contracting COVID-19 and 80% feared they might infect a family member.  Source link … Read the rest

“Renown has used our experience through COVID-19 to emerge better and stronger, and we are realigning to meet new consumer demands for health and healthcare services that are convenient, accessible and affordable,” said chief transformation officer Bethany Sexton. Source link…

Moderna said its vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective, according to preliminary data. A week ago, competitor Pfizer announced its own COVID-19 vaccine appeared similarly effective—news that puts both companies on track to seek permission within weeks for emergency use…

Reducing Patient Risk and Enhancing Care through the Development and Implementation of a New Chest Pain Pathway, Expedited by and for the COVID‐19 Era Source link … Read the rest

Hospitals say that are better prepared for the latest surge, in part thanks to their data analysis, educational outreach and streamlined treatment pathways.  Source link … Read the rest