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Mark Erceg will join Cerner Corp. as the company's new chief financial officer Feb. 22. He's the third leadership appointment Cerner has announced since the start of 2021. Source link … Read the rest

Going forward, UnitedHealthcare expects to add 1.5 million members in 2021, with enrollment in government plans continuing to drive growth. Source link … Read the rest

The penalty resolves alleged HIPAA violations stemming from a data breach that took place from December 2013 to May 2015 and compromised data on 9.3 million people, according to HHS' Office for Civil Rights. Source link … Read the rest

As a Biden administration takes shape, Federation of American Hospitals President and CEO Chip Kahn hopes Democrats and Republicans can “return to normalcy and civility” and address the health and economic toll of the pandemic. Source link … Read the…

The COVID-19 pandemic has led hospitals to move even more quickly toward outsourced revenue cycle management. Source link … Read the rest

Fake sign-ups for vaccine appointments and falsified vendor contracts are a few of the ways scammers have targeted healthcare workers. Source link … Read the rest

CMS estimates the changes will save the federal government $75.4 million over the next decade in Medicare Advantage and Part D payments. Source link … Read the rest

The rapid expansion of COVID-19 vaccinations to senior citizens across the U.S. has led to bottlenecks, system crashes and hard feelings in many states because of overwhelming demand for the shots. Source link … Read the rest

The Food and Drug Administration will issue draft guidance encouraging developers to explain how they plan to upgrade artificial intelligence and machine learning software in medical devices, among other steps. Source link … Read the rest

In an email, Cigna said its political action committee will “discontinue support of any elected official who encouraged or supported violence, or otherwise hindered a peaceful transition of power.” Source link … Read the rest