Skincare School: Getting your Skincare Selection routine right

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

Having extra time to play with our skincare routine – coupled with a serious lack of face-to-face interaction – has meant more margin for trial and error. However, now we’re making our way back to a new kind of normality, we think it’s about time we helped you out with a handy how-to guide for when you’re reaching for the beauty bottles each morning and night. 

When we’re faced with a host of products it can be confusing to know how often to use them, or how much of each one will make for the most miraculous combination. Your Skincare Selection takes things back to basics, while giving your skin innovative ingredients to help it gleam, and providing you with the necessary tools for addressing and adapting your routine to meet all of your simple skincare desires. 

Tropic’s Skincare Selection allows you to choose one of three carefully curated collections
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Sep 9, How can I get firmer facial muscles and get rid of turkey neck and jowls. Help!

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

Hello, I have sagging jowls and the start of a “turkey neck”, and just started doing full face/neck exercises. I am hoping it will help firm-up my facial

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Coconut Vanilla Flapjack Recipe

October 11, 2020 0 Comments

Is there anything more comforting than a gloriously gooey flapjack? Well, this little number has been given an all-year-round flair, as it brings the flavours of a tropical summer to a classic winter warming treat.

We’ve teamed up with plant-based food blogger, Amy Lanza (@nourishing.amy), to share our recipe for this coconutty concoction, inspired by the scents of summer and familiar favourites found in our relaxing Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut luxury bath foam

Taste testing your baking skills with these flapjacks while winding down in the bath is also strongly advised. 

Read on to find out how to make your very own at home.

Coconut Vanilla Flapjack Recipe

Makes: 8

Time: 35 minutes plus cooling

Ingredients you’ll need:

100g vegan butter or margarine

50g coconut sugar

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla

160g oats

50g desiccated coconut

A pinch of salt

40g chocolate

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Oct 10, Eyeliner Makeup – Best How to Tips for Women Over 40

October 11, 2020 0 Comments

Eyeliner makeup for wrinkled eyelids or crepey skin. Draw attention to your eyes – not your wrinkles!

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Sep 21, What age did you start using anti age/wrinkle products?

October 10, 2020 0 Comments

Question for all the ladies out there. At what age did you start using antiwrinkle cream, serums, eye creams, etc? Anything to address aging skin on the

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October 10, 2020 0 Comments

Shea butter is oiling up its own chain of supply and fortifying the fields in which it grew, anointing the planet and its people with a more cohesive, conscious future. But, how does using shea mean showing up for women and wildlife in Western Africa?


From caressing the complexions of ancient Egyptian royalty to cushioning the pockets of some of the poorest African communities, shea butter has been bettering lives for thousands of years. It has the same chemical makeup as sebum, thus effortlessly mimicking the body’s own natural hair and skin lubricant, while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in our cells. While improving skin health may seem – on the surface – why we love shea here at Tropic, the merits of shea tree harvesting take root right at the heart of our ethical epidermis.

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Oct 3, Cheap Beauty Products: Discount Beauty Online & Free Samples

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Cheap Beauty Products and anti-aging skin care! Buy discount beauty products online and get free shipping too!

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It’s the little things that make a big difference when we commit to making the world a better place. That’s why we’ve got a few ideas about how you can keep loving your little Joy Jars when their Tropic treasures inside are no more…

  • Make a mini terrarium.

  • Fill with shiny shells.

  • Fill with bath salts and essential oils for a luxurious, languid moment in the tub.

  • Grow your own gratitude jar – write down things you are thankful for and pull them out when in need of comfort.

  • Store some beads to make jewellery for friends and family.

  • Keep dried herbs and spices in cute labelled tubs.

  • Store loose earrings or buttons or hair pins.

  • Make your own jam.

  • Store your seeds for the garden, or even better, pot a few in here and see how they grow!

  • Use to shake and serve salad dressings.

  • Light a candle inside.

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Oct 4, How to Apply Eyeliner – Tips for Women Over 40 & Contact Wearers

October 8, 2020 0 Comments

How to apply eyeliner: That’s flattering, sexy and works with contact lenses

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Teach The Unreached

October 8, 2020 0 Comments

The value of education weighs heavy in many of our pockets, but going to school means more than just punctuation and equations – it’s the formula for the freedom to choose.

What did school mean to you? The feeling of your friends rallying around you with reassuring touches and warm, gleeful grins when you said something funny? The golden hue of relief and pride when you’d score a goal, or manage a nifty catch on the playground? One person giggling at the teacher in class, and the whole room erupting with the unstoppable, blissful roar of a gaggle of giddy children? Wet play and hop scotch and fizzy drinks at school discos? Questionable rice pudding on plastic trays? The “we’ll never live this down” array of costumes in school performances, or playing the recorder (really badly) in your bedroom? 

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