9 of the Best Foods to Boost Your Brain Health

October 11, 2020 0 Comments

Sure, you’ve heard of food for thought. But Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN, goes beyond the popular idiom by sharing a list of the best foods for brain health.

When it comes to brain health, we’ll take any advantage we can get, right? After all, your brain is arguably the important organ in your body!

Not only does your brain control your thoughts, feelings, memory, and intelligence, but also physical movements, including your beating heart and breathing through your lungs. For these reasons and more, keeping your brain healthy is essential, to say the least.

But unfortunately, there’s no amount of brain teaser puzzles you can complete to overcome a nutrient-deficient diet. That’s where your food choices come in.

9 Best Foods to Boost Brain Health

To support brain health through nutrition, add some of these brain-healthy foods to your diet.

1. Salmon + Fatty Fish

Your brain is … Read the rest

Coconut Vanilla Flapjack Recipe

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Is there anything more comforting than a gloriously gooey flapjack? Well, this little number has been given an all-year-round flair, as it brings the flavours of a tropical summer to a classic winter warming treat.

We’ve teamed up with plant-based food blogger, Amy Lanza (@nourishing.amy), to share our recipe for this coconutty concoction, inspired by the scents of summer and familiar favourites found in our relaxing Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut luxury bath foam

Taste testing your baking skills with these flapjacks while winding down in the bath is also strongly advised. 

Read on to find out how to make your very own at home.

Coconut Vanilla Flapjack Recipe

Makes: 8

Time: 35 minutes plus cooling

Ingredients you’ll need:

100g vegan butter or margarine

50g coconut sugar

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla

160g oats

50g desiccated coconut

A pinch of salt

40g chocolate

10g toasted … Read the rest

Oct 10, Eyeliner Makeup – Best How to Tips for Women Over 40

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Eyeliner makeup for wrinkled eyelids or crepey skin. Draw attention to your eyes – not your wrinkles!

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Health systems seek out patient feedback to improve telehealth platform

October 10, 2020 0 Comments

Health systems that see telehealth fitting into their future long-term are now working through challenges with the platforms by asking patients and staff what they think.

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This Is How the Internet Is Changing Your Brain

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Do you think of your smartphone as another limb? Can’t ever seem to log offline? Discover how the internet is changing your brain with every search, scroll, swipe, scan, click, pull, tap, and like.

Ever the aspiring digital minimalist, my phone is always on vibrate, the majority of my notifications are disabled, and I use neither my phone at night nor laptop on weekends. I also just passed my one-year anniversary of being social media-free, which has saved my time, sanity, and much more.

But what about my fierce loyalty to Apple products, my constant Wikipedia deep dives, and my Reddit rabbit holes?

Truth be told, the lure of technology powered by the World Wide Web is strong AF—even for analog enthusiasts like me. As it turns out, the internet affects our brains more than we might imagine.

Stats on Smartphone + Internet Use

Of course, we can’t talk

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Sep 21, What age did you start using anti age/wrinkle products?

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Question for all the ladies out there. At what age did you start using antiwrinkle cream, serums, eye creams, etc? Anything to address aging skin on the

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Shea butter is oiling up its own chain of supply and fortifying the fields in which it grew, anointing the planet and its people with a more cohesive, conscious future. But, how does using shea mean showing up for women and wildlife in Western Africa?


From caressing the complexions of ancient Egyptian royalty to cushioning the pockets of some of the poorest African communities, shea butter has been bettering lives for thousands of years. It has the same chemical makeup as sebum, thus effortlessly mimicking the body’s own natural hair and skin lubricant, while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in our cells. While improving skin health may seem – on the surface – why we love shea here at Tropic, the merits of shea tree harvesting take root right at the heart of our ethical epidermis.

The Shea Belt stretches from the far reaches Read the rest

Birx warns about a 'very different' coronavirus spread

October 9, 2020 0 Comments

Dr. Deborah Birx repeatedly stressed the need to wear face masks and social distance, as well as more testing for people who have the virus but aren't showing symptoms and can unknowingly spread it.

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October 2020 Wellness Horoscopes Are Up & at ‘Em

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Happy autumn, astrohackers! In the spirit of the October 1 full moon, aka the harvest moon, let me channel Neil Young when I invite you to “come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say” about your October 2020 wellness horoscopes.

Celestially speaking, this month is a real doozy. A few nice-to-knows before diving in:

  • We have two full moons, lighting up the skies on the first and last days of the month
  • Mars (action) is still retrograde till mid-November
  • Mercury (communication) retrogrades from October 14 through November 3

What does it all mean for you? Read your sun and rising signs for astro-savvy tips and navigation know-how so October 2020 is yours for the taking.

October 2020 Wellness Horoscopes


Think back to six months ago in contrast to today. Chances are you’ve personally developed by leaps and bounds. Take pride in that … Read the rest

Oct 3, Cheap Beauty Products: Discount Beauty Online & Free Samples

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Cheap Beauty Products and anti-aging skin care! Buy discount beauty products online and get free shipping too!

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